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Servo motor market development

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        Servo motor market in Europe there are three main kinds of techniques: DC brush servo, AC/DC brushless servo and AC induction servo (asynchronous). In these types of AC/DC brushless servo in the European market share of more than 80%.
Due to the presence of the AC/DC brushless motor, DC brush servo market has for years been a downward trend. In addition, this trend will continue, there are brush about DC servo motor's new design is not too much. AC induction servo in terms of performance, and between the brushless AC servo motor and standard between AC induction motor, the price is relatively cheap.

For motion control in Europe market, the German market dominant, this is mainly because in many German machinery industry in the lead.

        More than Japan, Germany, in 2002, the world's largest machine tool producer, this is also the biggest application of servo motor industry. Like many other industrial automation market, the servo motor market peaked in the first half of 2001, but over the next 2002 years and fell in the first half of 2003. This situation than American industrial automation market recession has delayed about 1 year. The main reason is because, the whole Europe the sharp decline in the number of machinery manufacturing and sales, especially in Germany, fell by almost half.

        In recent years after the adjustment of the IMS consulting firm predicted that the next two years in Europe servo motor market there will be a steady upward trend. Increase in the number of annual production of machinery, the net inflow of manufacturing and technology development trend and so on factors affecting the servo motor market.

        For motion control technology development of the market, and not always espcially in the servo motor. Specifically, the growth of the servo motor in Europe market, is directly driven by linear motor instead of the direct drive linear system based on servo, and have integrated the influence of the servo motor drive and control ability. IMS of increased use of linear motor, are expected to have inhibitory effect on servo motor market. Provide direct drive linear motor, can provide high accuracy and high acceleration.

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