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Servo motor is introduced

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      In recent years, the servo motor system has been applied to various fields. So what are servo? Servo first comes from Greek, translation is a slave. Want to understand, then servo motor system is not so difficult, which means that people want to be a tool servo motor to become a substitute for their work. Motor system is expected to obey the command of people, at the time of press the switch, motor starting rotation. At the time of closing machine, motor to stop working, and at any time to listen to people's instructions.

      With the widespread use of servo motor system, servo motor maintenance became an emerging technology service industry. China market increasing usage of servo motor, servo motor repair this motor maintenance technology service demand is becoming more and more urgent. Due to domestic use most of the servo motor is imported, high technical requirements, servo motor manufacturers in order to monopolize the maintenance services market abroad, adopted the non-standard encoder or non standard installation, make the servo motor maintenance becomes more difficult. So the servo motor maintenance is an outstanding technical ability. Because some clients will specify some special request, this time we need to tailor for the customer, in the original servo motor driven machine increases the user to specify some of the production control, so as to complete a series of generation requirements, but also reduces the production cost, provides reliable technical requirements for the customer.

      The future of the servo motor repair, is a big technology. We believe that we can do the best! Maintenance, our company is specialized in motor, dc motor, motor, servo motor maintenance maintenance repair, maintenance, ABB, Siemens motor motor, high voltage electrical maintenance, repair, import motor maintenance service, welcome new and old customers to come to consult and deal with!

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