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self-control motor soft starter and characteristics

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       Brushless self-control motor soft starter is the starting resistance is directly installed on the shaft of the motor, the centrifugal force generated from motor rotates as power, control the size of the starting resistance to reduce motor starting current, increase the starting torque, for brushless self-control of wound rotor asynchronous motor running device. It mainly consists of chassis, starter fluid, dynamic plate, springs, terminal, safety valve, exhaust valve, etc. The starting apparatus has small starting current, big starting torque, automatically adjust to changes in the source and load, protection of motor, etc. Widely used in metallurgy, machinery, petroleum, chemical, mining, building materials, paper, rubber, water plant, power plant of all industrial fields such as ball mill, crusher, fan, water pump, beater, air compressor, rolling mill, hot mill, such as oxygen generator motor drive device of wound rotor asynchronous motor starting. It can replace the slip rings, carbon brush and winding motor starter.

       Starter adopts brushless acyclic running, simple operation, easy installation and disassembly, can greatly reduce maintenance costs, and according to the characteristics of mechanical load, automatically change the size of the starting resistance, adjust the starting torque and starting current, make the motor in the best starting state.
Can stay under the condition of invariable motor starting torque, starting current from 7 to 1.6, Ie Ie and to maximize the starting torque motor. It developed by resistance starting device, has the following innovation points:

1, eradicate use slip rings, the dangers caused by the carbon brush. Get rid of the traditional and complicated starting device, easy to operate, and can reduce maintenance costs.

2, save installation space and secondary loop cable, reduce the power consumption starting device, saving electricity.

3, starting control is completed by automatically according to the speed of the motor starter, completely avoid the other starting device cannot according to the size of the load, automatic tracking broken motor or starter motor starting process etc. Bad phenomenon.

4, in the process of the motor running, if appear locked-rotor phenomenon, with the loss of the motor speed, the starter will automatically put into operation, and increase the motor torque, the purpose of reduce the starting current.


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