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Motor startup method

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       Different startup mode of the effect of the axial flow fan in use is different, we are to start when the axial flow fan, must pay attention to choose the right way to make use of the fan, so as to let the fan to achieve the best effect, the effect of said fan start, we must have won't feel strange to the motor, motor directly bring fan power source, let the fan can be used in one of the most basic conditions. Then on axial flow fan when what way for users to choose?

       First to ensure power supply, which is a foundation, is also a key, if the power can not be timely replenishment, the fan will stop running in use, often, total pressure start and step-down start fan often choose method, is exactly what kind of differences of these two methods, what circumstance to choose total pressure started, what circumstance should choose step-down start again?

       To correctly choose reasonable motor startup method, must according to the capacity of the power grid, mechanical load to start torque requirements, combined with the characteristics of the motor itself, on the analysis of the system, to obtain a specified start time, such as power grid capacity is large, the starting current of the motor will not cause obvious on the grid voltage drop, in addition, the control of the grid lines and equipment allow a short period of time by starting current, big enough can use full pressure start way, if the fan when it starts the required torque is not large, and the grid capacity and relative to motor is not very big, this time will need to consider how to reduce the starting current and start using decompression.

       In order to better ensure the motor to work, we must check the fan when install the fan starts motor vibration problem, for the vibration of the pedestal to satisfy the natural frequencies of the basic installation is not more than a third of the motor and fan speed; In the operation of the ventilator vibration speed and the vibration of the fan resting keep in more than three times the gap. Fan can cooperate to start the way choice, under the condition of such an environment, good ventilation effect.

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