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       Shenzhen kunfa  electrical and mechanical equipment co., LTD was founded in 1990, the company has standard factory building area of 3000 square meters, professional maintenance: large imports, domestic ac motor, dc motor, high voltage, generator, air conditioning compressor, elevator motor, motor, frequency conversion motor, explosion-proof special printing, thermal spray repair, mechanical processing, dynamic balance correction, water pumps and other mechanical and electrical equipment engineering maintenance packages.

       Our company is located in shenzhen luohu district lotus pond peng industrial zone in 713 on the first floor, factory crane and other lifting equipment is complete, with all kinds of advanced large machining machine tool, the intelligent CNC dynamic balancing machine, automatic vacuum varnished, a variety of detection, laboratory equipment. A group of strict training, experienced maintenance engineers, to ensure product quality of maintenance, motor overhaul, quality warranty 1 year free of charge. After many years of accumulation, he become a famous motor, pump industry enterprises after-sales maintenance services unit of choice.

       Quality first, the time the first purpose of service customers, focus on and establish a perfect, complete quality system, strictly implements national electrical and mechanical repair processing standards and perfect after-sales service. For guangdong and the pearl river delta, shenzhen area of port for a long time, electric power, construction and other large and medium-sized enterprises, factory service, quality has always been the customer's admiration. For "guangzhou motor factory founding\" authorization for 20 years: repair station in shenzhen area.

       Shenzhen kunFa generator repair Factory translation, the main business: all kinds of high, low pressure motor repair, repair all kinds of dc motor, air, air conditioning compressor repair, all kinds of pumps, elevators, printing and other special motor repair repair. All kinds of machinery parts processing, machining, thermal spray repair, replacement, impeller, motor rotor axis wind turbines repair, dynamic balancing correction.

       Free shipping: more than 100 kw motor, shenzhen, dongguan, huizhou customer, provide free transportation.

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