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Your Current Location : Home 售后服務


Quality service. If you have questions or do you have any opinion in the process of cooperation, through our customer service

Center for consultation and feedback, our commitment is to respond to the requirements of customers timely, accurate, sincere to the customer

Solid and trustworthy, courteous service, and is committed to continuously improve the quality of service. Our customer service center

Enterprise development, expanding knowledge, proficient in business, improve yourself, your satisfaction is the goal of our work

And direction.

Convenient work - - (don't let the customer do repeat)

Considerate Thorough -- -- -- -- (do everything we can to do for the customer)

Reliable Reliable -- -- -- -- (don't let the customer take a snack)

Intimate -- -- kind (let the customer to listen to our smile)

Professional -- -- - (make customers feel we are the experts)

Sincere -- -- -- -- Sincere, wholeheartedly for the sake of customers)

Quality warranty one year under normal conditions of use. 24 hours service hotline: 40089-13988

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