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       Shenzhen kunfa  electrical and mechanical equipment co., LTD  was  based on "credibility and development, quality of survival" for the purpose. Through the maintenance services, sales, service, technical advice of the trinity function combination, so as to further perfect our service. Motor repair the company has a professional production and processing equipment, advanced testing instruments and professional engineers, in order to ensure engineering quality. Have the ability to complete the temporary assigned by party a, the sudden work; Motor pump maintenance has always been adhering to the safety, high quality, efficient service concept, the motor pump maintenance in order to "ensure the quality, customer satisfaction" as the eternal pursuit and solemnly promises, motor pump maintenance company is willing to advanced technology, scientific management, excellent equipment, motor pump maintenance time, manpower, wholeheartedly for the general customers to provide economical, safe, fast and convenient service. May in your trust and support to create a better tomorrow! Provide 24 hours door-to-door service.

Motor pump maintenance company scope of business:

1, motor maintenance, including: various kinds of imported domestic motor, generator, inverter, transformer and other electrical and mechanical equipment;

2, motor pump maintenance import and domestic water pump including: the United States, Germany, Britain, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark and other countries including large sewage pump maintenance.

3, electrical design and installation, water pump pump maintenance specializing in water pumps, pump maintenance, overhaul, insurance, including the different manufacturer production pump products in the country.

4, motor pump maintenance to install all kinds of frequency converter, frequency conversion cabinet, power distribution cabinets, power distribution box.

5, motor pump maintenance sales: imported and domestic all kinds of pump, motor, electric welding machine, generators, motors, cable, well tube, electric tools, all kinds of accessories (national standard and the national standard).

6, machine tool processing: our factory have a car, milling, planing, grinding, drilling and other lathe, motor pump maintenance for your processing all kinds of standard parts and non-standard parts

Motor pump maintenance company profile.

Axis of axis of the thermal spraying processing, repair, replacement and dynamic balancing correction

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